Best Zone Drops in Classic WoW

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Hello guys, in today's video we will be looking at some of the best gear drops from the zones in Classic World of Warcraft. By the term "zone drop", I am referring to items or gear more specifically that only drop from creatures in a single zone - excluding dungeon and raid areas. We are talking open world, questing and leveling zones.
Each of the individual pieces of gear drop from just a single type of NPC. In other words, they only appear on one single loot table in the whole game, and they are all bind on equip as well meaning I haven't included any world bosses.
The NPC could be a rare spawn, but in most cases today, it is a totally normal creature like your Stranglethorn Tiger or Barrens Kodo for example.
I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of those creatures, and show a few examples from different zones in Azeroth.

What zones have the best creatures that drop the best unique loot? Let's try to find out.
I hope you will enjoy the video!

- Stranglethorn Vale: 1:33
- Badlands: 3:09
- Thousand Needles: 4:59
- Desolace: 6:37
- Azshara: 8:02
- Alterac Mountains: 9:33
- Wetlands: 12:18

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