Attempting to cross SCOTLAND in a completely straight line. (PART 2: FACTORY ESCAPE)

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*Watch in 1440p and with subtitles for full effect*

Join myself and Welsh Greg as we embark on a gruelling 6 day adventure in which we attempt across Scotland in a completely straight line. In Part 1, after a tricky first 3 miles we successfully scaled the Norbord factory fence without drawing too much attention to ourselves. Our aim now is to escape the factory, cross the high speed railway track, motorways and abandoned fishery that lay beyond and reach the sanctuary of the north third forest where we can make a fire, dry off and if we're really lucky, tune into the Rugby. With a host of obstacles and various people up ahead on our line, it's bound to be tasty.

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Quick comment on the railway track: We know it's bad and we're fully aware of that. It was not a decision we took lightly, but ultimately it was a means to an end - a necessary evil for what was ultimately a monumental feat. It was either that, or we go further north into the mountains, an environment in which we are both far less comfortable in. We both understand and accept the disapproval, and we urge people again to be safe, and not try to emulate these stunts.
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