ASMR Ultimate Cranial Nerve Exam for Tingle Immunity Role Play

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Hi darling, in this asmr ultimate cranial nerve exam for tingle immunity roleplay i will be checking your optic and trigeminal nerves, do lots of light triggers asmr and a wonderful hearing test, with face touching asmr, crinkly paper sounds, finger counting and follow the fingers.

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Music by Jesse Gallagher:

Visit Start: 00:00
Optic nerve exam/crinkly light triggers(TM) : 00:58
Double light trigger: 04:35
Follow the finger: 06:12
Look at nose and waving hands: 08:00
Finger counting: 09:00
Smell test/spray and crinkly paper: 09:35
Trigeminal nerve test / fluffy stick / face sensitivity: 14:18
Sharp/dull stick - Close up in ear whispering: 16:25
Face muscles check: 19:00
Hearing test: 22:40
Mouth check / light trigger + conclusion: 25:40
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