[ASMR] Classic Barbershop????Haircut

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Sit back, and I’ll cut it right! Relax to the classic barbershops sounds; spray bottles, combs, snipping scissors, powder, gel and more!

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0:00 - Introduction
0:33 - Haircut Cape [Flapping]
0:50 - Spray bottle [Spritz]
1:16 - Drying/Towel [Flapping]
1:44 - Glass Jar [Tapping]
2:23 - Comb [Clicking]
3:29 - Scissors [Snipping]
6:55 - Comb/Spray/Scissors
7:55 - Drying [Face touching]
8:09 - Electric Trimmer [Buzzing]
8:33 - Electric Trimmer/Comb
10:12 - Talc Powder [Brushing]
11:01 - Pomade/Gel [Squishing]
12:16 - Comb [Clicking]
13:19 - Patting
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About ASMR:

◘ ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response, is often described as a tingling sensation that stimulates relaxation. Originating from the head, and trickling down the spine/limbs, the sensation is generated via ‘triggers’ of sight, sound and touch. The videos on this channel attempt to stimulate ASMR. They are solely intended to be used as sleep aides and for unprofessional anxiety relief. Personally, I have been experiencing ASMR my whole life. In fact, ASMR is amongst my earliest memories. ASMR has helped me with difficulties sleeping and daily stress/anxiety.

◘ Common triggers on this channel include whispering, personal attention, lights, tapping, scratching, scrubbing, crinkling, brushing, sketching, drawing, writing, scissors, eye contact, face touching, examinations, exams and more. Roleplays for immersion and entertainment purposes.

◘ Disclaimer: The internet is a melting pot. Everything can be mixed with anything. Understand that ASMR on its own is wholesome. But people do combine ASMR with other material. Some have chosen to combined ASMR with indecent material. And this has lead people to confuse the two. It is important to recognize that ASMR itself is a separate entity. For example, I will often combine ASMR with dark comedy. And these are two every different things. I re-emphasis that ASMR is entirely wholesome on it's own. On this channel you will find unadulterated ASMR roleplays, with the occasional addition of dark comedy or twist for entertainment value.

◘ Welcome, kick back and relax!!!
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