#320: How to update the NanoVNA-H4 firmware using Windows 10 and .DFU file

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Warning/Disclaimer: This is the specific process for my NanoVNA-H4, hardware version I cannot vouch that this process will work for all units out there - proceed at your own risk. This video shows how to update the NanoVNA-H4 (H is similar) using .DFU firmware files and the Windows 10 DFuSE_Demo tool from ST. Table of Contents and links follow:
0:00 - Introduction
0:18 - Checking your firmware version
0:45 - Firmware file formats
1:06 - Obtain the DfuSe USB Demo updating tool
2:12 - Find your .DFU firmware file
3:20 - Starting the firmware update process
3:42 - Put NanoVNA-H4 into "DFU mode" and connect to PC
4:16 - Select the DFU file and update the NanoVNA-H4
5:26 - Re-calibrating the touch screen (if necessary)
6:07 - Summary

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