2020 Roadmap Step 4: Learn Terminal, Git, and Deployment

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This step is all about the technical pieces around the code you'll write as a web developer. I almost forgot to make this video, but you shouldn't forget to learn this stuff. Watch to learn why it's important.

➤ ⭐️ Jesse Showalter‘s () How to Use the Command Line at
➤ A Designer’s Guide to the Terminal at (Don’t worry. Even though it says it’s for designers, it’s still a useful resource for use devs.)
➤ For Windows 10 users: How to Activate Bash in Windows at
➤ For other Windows users, you can get a Bash shell when you install Git for Windows. Just make sure you have “Git Bash” selected in the installer.
➤ “Bash” is just a particular Unix shell. Actually, it’s sorta the standard Unix shell. A lot of times, “shell,” “terminal,” and “command line” are used interchangeably.

???? GIT
➤ ⭐️ Git It interactive course at Follow the instructions in the “What to Install” section of the readme (#what-to-install) to get started.
➤ I featured some footage from a sweet Git Bisect video () by Andy Van Slaars ().

There’s no single course that’s going to teach you deployment since it’s different depending on your target. Your best bet is to check out the documentation wherever you’re going to deploy. Here are a few options:

➤ Netlify- #get-started
➤ AWS S3-
➤ Github Pages-
➤ Heroku-
➤ AWS Elastic Beanstalk-
➤ DigitalOcean-
➤ Vultr-

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